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Thread: The human brain is kind of creepy.

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    The human brain is kind of creepy.

    So, at one point in the video a brain is just laid out on a table. Kinda jelly like. And my only real thought was that brain was someone, more so than any other organ in the body. A hand, a foot, a heart, all of these are things that thanks to surgical procedures we can replace with artificial limbs. We can even transplant limbs and things.

    But seeing the brain laid on the table is decidedly odd. It doesn't LOOK like it should do anything, its just a wrinkled lump of flesh.

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    "The problem is... there are never enough normal brains to go around."

    I couldn't agree more! LMFAO

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    Yeah the first autopsy I sat through was mind blowing. Amazing how little we know about the human body.
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    WAY more questions than answers.

    Nootropics for all!
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